Venus Factor Review: The Truth Behind John Barbran’s Fitness Program

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Women’s bodies are essentially and clearly different from men’s. That is the main reason that most fitness programs do not work for women: these programs are usually tailored for men. However, a new fitness program called the Venus Factor specifically addresses this problem in that it is designed for women only.

What is the Venus Factor? How different is it from generic fitness programs? How does it work? Is it effective? This review will help you find the answers to these questions.

The Venus Factor ReviewOverview of Venus Factor: How It Works

The Venus Factor is a fitness and nutrition program that is designed especially for women of all ages. It aims to give you the most suitable figure with regards to your body proportion. The program is authored by John Barbran, a nutrition and fitness expert.

The program is founded on the Venus Index. This system determines your ideal body shape. It works by the following calculations:

  • Height-to-Waist Ratio (HWR)—Multiply your height in inches by 0.38
  • Waist-to-Hip Ration (WHR)—Multiply your waist circumference by 1.42
  • Waist-to-Shoulder Ration (WSR)—Multiply ideal waist number by 1.618

After determining the numbers for your ideal body shape, you will be guided through a nutrition program that specifically calculates the ideal calories and protein for women, with respect to your individual body statistics (that is, height, weight, and age).

The main focus of the Venus Factor is its 12-week workout program. These workout routines are detailed in how-to videos, and you need to do the routines thrice a week. This is basically comparable to the Beach Body P90X in that all the workouts are done with 60-second rest intervals in between the routines.

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Venus Factor VideosPricing and Included Products

The Venus Factor is priced at a one-time fee of $47. However, you may try out the program for 7 days, priced at $9.95, which you can cancel after the trial period if you are not satisfied. If you do wish to proceed with the program, you will pay for the remaining balance. Each purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, and you get the following included products:

  • The main manual, which details how and why the Venus Factor works. This also determines your Venus Index, which will guide you whether you need to lose weight or gain weight to get your ideal figure.
  • The Body Centric Eating Guide, which walks you through the specific calculations of calorie and protein intake that you need for your individual goals.
  • The Venus Factor Workout Manual, which details the 12-week workout program.
  • Access to the online community
  • Bonus: “17 Cheat Food That Burn Fat”

All the materials are immediately accessed right after your payment. Everything is in digital format.

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What We Like About This Program

  • The prominent feature of this program that we find alluring is that it is designed especially for women. As mentioned, women’s bodies are different. Women store fat differently. In fact, females are biologically designed to have more body fat than men do. Moreover, hormones in women have different levels compared to men. Hence, there is a significant difference as to how women’s bodies respond to workout and diet programs.
  • The workouts are all designed to be done at home. There is no need for specialized gym equipment, and we find this a very convenient and money-saving feature of this program.
  • Another good thing about this product is that it provides detailed instructions. Everything is presented in an easily understood manner, and with the right attitude, you can go through each phase of the program with ease.
  • What we consider both as a pro and a con for this program is that the diet is not strict. As an advantage, this gives a lot of freedom for you on what you want to eat, that is, at the right amounts basing on the calculations of your nutritional needs. As a disadvantage, you may feel unguided as to your food choices. Some fitness programs specify clearly what you can and cannot eat, which is something that others may find more helpful.
  • The product is digital, so you can save money for shipping fees. Furthermore, you can immediately access your purchase through the Internet. Digital products are also very convenient to use, given that you have the right gadgets for that purpose.
  • As mentioned earlier, this program is comparable to the P90X, which is a lot more expensive. The great thing about Venus Factor is that you only shell out $47, good value for the amazing results that you get from this program.

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What We Do Not Like About This Program

  • The program focuses on getting a feminine figure that suits your body type, not on weight loss or fat burning. However, you get to lose weight and body fat in the process. This may also be considered as an advantage for the program because it is very specific as to its goals.
  • The exercises are rather complex, so this may be difficult to cope up with for beginners. It also entails various routines in one workout session, so it takes a lot of work. The redeeming factor is that all the workouts are presented clearly in the videos.
  • The program is focused on workouts, so you have to be physically fit to do this. Women with bone and back problems may not be suitable for this type of program.
  • A major con for this program is that it lacks maintenance exercises. This is something that you should be able to consider.

Venus Factor ResultsOur Final Say

The Venus Factor is an ideal program for women who are aiming at improving their physique. The program is very specific and is founded on carefully studied calculations for body ratio and calorie intake. The program isn’t aimed at losing weight or burning fat, though this may be secondary effects. The Venus Factor is aimed at helping you achieve the perfect hourglass figure that is in proportion to your height and weight.

It focuses more on workouts, but not so much on diet. While this program isn’t perfect, we believe that this is a very effective product that we can recommend. The catch here, which applies to any other fitness program, is that you need commitment and dedication to make this program work for you.

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